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The service explained

Regular window cleaning service

Select your plan, we clean your windows!


We have made our service simple, accessible, affordable and fully controlled by you.

We have developed transparent pricing plans for a variety of property types and sizes.

In most instances we don’t need you to call us, we don’t need photographs, or to visit you to give you a quote. 


A simple, smooth customer experience!

We have created PLUS+ plans which cover any additions such as conservatories, bi-folding doors and extensions. If your property has any of these please select a relevant PLUS+ plan

If you do not have direct gated access or a walkway to the rear of your property please select a relevant  FRONTS ONLY plan



Choose your plan. Sign up. We commence service!


Your first clean will take place within 14 days. Then at your chosen interval - Monthly, 6 Weekly or every 12 weeks.

Payment for your cleaning plan will be automatically taken from your chosen payment method in line

with your plan when due. 

We contact you with a reminder via email & SMS the day before we visit to clean your property.

We do not require you to be present at home when we carry out our work.

All we require you to do on the morning of your clean.

1. Unlock any gate or make access available through walkways to allow us to get safely to the rear of your property.

2. To make sure windows are closed.

We recommend our Monthly plans for the best results! 

  • We do not climb or walk over roofs. 

  • We keep any use of ladders to a minimum as directed in health and safety legislation.

  • We do have full liability insurance giving you added peace of mind.

  • We do not enter customers homes to gain access to the rear. 



We are an honest, reliable, trustworthy business.

We do not sell data.

We do not sub-contract out work on your property, you sign up with us, we carry out your work.

We will always treat you and your property with the utmost care and respect.                                                  


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